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Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi




Nashville-based singer/songwriter James Hatem seeks to inspire and connect listeners with genuine, raw songwriting. Harboring a passion for guitar and honest storytelling from a young age, James listened, studied, and was inspired by influences such as John Mayer, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and The Band to create compelling songs that lead audiences on a musical journey of self-discovery. This raw songwriting paired with a blues-rock sound translates into Hatem’s new EP, Welcome To The Nightmare. This EP, recorded live in Love Shack Studios, captures the feel of Hatem’s live show. He explains, “This EP is the sound that I’ve always been looking for, which is a strong trio that plays honest music. I wanted to capture the energy and excitement of my live shows in hopes that it translates to the listener and makes them feel like they’re in the studio with us”. Since completing several nationwide tours and having appearances in publications such as Guitar World Magazine, James continues to write, record, and perform his music with plans to release more music in 2022.



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